Green product is launching from Oct 2017 ! Saving 30-70% on operation cost!

Click ‘Products’ from top menu then choose ‘Green product with ATOSA’ will see more information.

ENERGY Lable is the trusted, government-backed symbol for energy efficiency helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy-efficient products and practices.

The ENERGY label was established to:
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy; and
Make it easy for consumers to identify and purchase energy-efficient products that offer savings on energy bills without sacrificing performance, features, and comfort.

We know climate change is happening, and we know that it is caused by our actions.We know climate change is happening, and we know that it is caused by our actions.The Earth’s atmosphere is warming, faster than it probably ever has. In some cases weather patterns, climates and natural environments are changing quicker than wildlife or people can adapt.So many of the world’s biggest challenges, from poverty to wildlife extinction, are made more difficult by climate change. And things will get worse if we do nothing. But we can do something about it.We have the knowledge and the technology to reduce our impact on the climate, and ease the pressures on the world’s most vulnerable places, people and wildlife. We just need to make it happen.